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Working with SWFRCA

The Southwest Florida Roofing Contractors Association (SWFRCA) has been serving SW Florida since 1979 with the purpose of bringing together contractors as well as businesses with an interest in the future of the industry in SW Florida and with the commitment of ensuring best practices be applied throughout the community. SWFRCA encourages a high standard of business ethics among its members and provides information to the public on the importance of doing business with licensed, competent and ethical firms.


Contractor members must be a licensed roofing contractor in the State of Florida residing in Lee, Charlotte or Collier County for a minimum of one year, having maintained and operated an established roofing business for that same period. Associate membership is also available to individuals, firms or corporations engaged in the manufacturing, sales or distribution of roofing industry supplies and/or business services.

All members must abide by the SWFRCA ethical code and association by-laws. SWFRCA works continuously to develop and maintain a functional relationship with local regulatory and governmental agencies.

Code of Ethics / By-Laws

  • I will conduct my business in an ethical manner, so that it will reflect credit and confidence by the public in our industry, as well as in my own business.
  • I consider my vocation worthy and dignified and thus affording a distinct opportunity to serve society.
  • I hold that the exchange of my goods and services for a fair profit is legitimate and ethical, provided all parties in the exchange are benefited.
  • I will exercise a high degree of care in the execution of all work and correct any defective work as a direct challenge to my ability and integrity.
  • I will protect and defend the public from fraudulent and unethical practices affecting the roofing contractor industry.
  • I will cooperate with and support this association in its effort to improve conditions in the industry so that the public, management, and labor will mutually benefit.
  • I agree to operate my business in accordance with the rules and regulations of constituted authority at all levels.

Membership – Annual Fee of $220.00

Questions about membership, contact Tammy Hall – 239-561-2600 or 239-841-4235

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Why Join?

  • Networking opportunities through interactions with other members.
  • SWFRCA quarterly newsletter provides information on issues affecting the roofing industry both commercial and residential. Keeps members updated on organization and member activities.
  • Membership encourages a high standard of business ethics among its members and informs the public of the importance of doing business with competent and ethical firms.
  • Professional seals that can be proudly displayed on all of your proposals and invoices. These seals give you a marketing advantage with consumers who when displayed confirm that you are a licensed, insured and subscribe to the SWFRCA Code of Ethics.
  • Your membership helps unify the local roofing profession. With your membership, SWFRCA becomes a stronger, more effective advocate for you.
  • Website – SWFRCA website provide a list of SWFRCA members to consumers who are looking for qualified professional. Members can add a company profile and pictures for consumers to view with a hyperlink back to your website.

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